all hallows eve installation to bring the dead back to life

well this was all a bit of fun.

myself and long-time collaborator Ms Evans were asked back to create artwork for the big halloween ‘fright night’ event at Hendre Hall, with this years theme ‘The Mad Lab’. we spent weeks constructing a variety of amusing but mildly horrible things based on ideas of body farms, limbs with a life of their own, plants growing eyeballs, hybrid electric and/or half-plant-half-human beings etc.

this particular installation was upstairs on the gallery and the idea was to create a ‘resurrection chamber’ where Frankenstein-like, lost souls and mutant half-humans (in plentiful supply on a night out like that) could be brought back to life, or at least woken up a bit… the central section is where someone can stand, hooked up to wires and tubes, connected to a bank of gadgets on the right with the orb overhead flickering and flashing, all appearring to be powered by the great glowing blue orbs.

apart from the light sources (we used 50 metres of LED rope ‘power’ the orbs, and several lengths of led wire for the ‘electrified’ orb overhead) everything else was entirely made from found objects. we had some amazing fortune with some of our finds in the run-up to the event, especially with the orbs which were old light fittings, but also amazing large gauge plastic tubes, lots of old gadgets, a good haul of hoover tubes from the recycling depot, electrical wire and fittings from the scrapyard and a few choice props and random objects from my horde at the studio.

i will post more pictures of the other installations at some point!


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