metallic sound garden in the sensory theatre


metallic sound garden

the sound of jangling nerves?

after last years’s experiment with sound sculpture at the Old Goods Yard, (see ) the dismantled elements of the sound frame  were brought to the forest labyrinth to form an interactive installation for the latest sensory theatre production ‘Fear’. this explored our inner fears, using the labyrinth as a symbol of our minds… i’m going to write more about this in other posts, but it definitely fitted this theme to let some unsetlling soundscapes loose in the forest for a few nights over the spookiest time of year!.

it also linked very well to when i had last been involved in a production in the labyrinth 2 years ago (see ) where i created a piece which had unexpectedly striking sound qualities, and this excited me a lot. since then i have been experimenting more and more with the sound potential of the work i create and enjoying finding pieces that both look and sound intriguing.


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